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Canada's Coolest? The White Stripes are gone, but look at all that remains in Nunavut. Rising star Lucie Idlout isn't the only thing heating up Iqaluit, a place in a kind of cultural ferment...
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A one-woman revolution in Canadian music, taking the old blues wraiths and wrestling them into fierce new shapes.

....a fierce alternative rocker...

In the vein of darkness-drenched rockers such as
PJ Harvey, Lucie Idlout (who is from the Arctic Canadian territory of Nunavut - no wonder she's so icy!) combines bluesy tendencies with modern atmospherics.

As for her music career, Idlout is on a roll.

Lucie Idlout calls her new album Swagger, but does she have it? Sure she does: This Inuit rocker, she's as tough as a Courtney Love-cooked steak.

A fresh new voice from the Far North that is reminiscent of hearing Ani Di Franco or K.D. Lang for the first time.

...we may have our Inuit PJ Harvey.

Talk about an album living up to its title...the second disc [Swagger] from this North Baffin Islander is positively molten.

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Lucie invited by the Governor General of
Canada to perform at The Canada Council's
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